Post-Surgical Rehabilitation in Hazlet

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

The surgical process creates trauma which in turn leads to pain and protective muscle guarding in the affected area.  Much of the initial phase of post-surgical rehabilitation is focused on decreasing this muscle guarding with gentle motion.  When the joint is able to move through a relative normal range of motion and is near pain free at rest then the loading phase is initiated.

This phase is concerned with a progressive loading of the healing tissue and restoring normal biomechanics to the joints and surrounding soft tissue so the patient can perform stressful movements.  As the patient is able to tolerate higher level activities then increased functional activities are allowed in their normal daily routine.  Many orthopedic surgeries continue to heal for months after surgical intervention, so Post-Surgical Rehabilitation is crucial. Overall goals of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation include:

  • Restore range of motion
  • Improve functional movement and strength
  • Improve walking ability, balance and decrease risk of falls
  • Improve safety and efficiency of transfers
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance
  • Improve coordination and sequencing of movement
  • Evaluate current equipment and make equipment recommendations


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