Cupping Therapy in Hazlet

Cupping Therapy in Hazlet, NJ

Cupping Therapy is a traditional Chinese Medicine practice that is widely used for the treatment of muscle and joint dysfunction. It is also effective for relieving colds and fever, headaches, and can release emotional tension. Cupping has recently become popular due to the publicity it has received when prominent athletes like Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, MLB player Bryce Harper, UFC fighter Conor McGregor, NBA player Steph Curry and NFL veteran James Harrison were seen with bright red circles on their back and/or shoulders.

Cupping uses glass, plastic or wooden cups that are suctioned by heat or pumps to create a tight seal on the skin on the back. The technique may be a little uncomfortable but most patients report that it is not unpleasant. Some actually like the sensation! The strong suction created by Cupping draws out toxins and congestion in the muscles and soft tissue and stimulates the body to create new, fresh blood and lymph flow to these areas.  This leads to reduced pain, swelling and scar tissue formation while at the same time causing increases in range of motion.  Cupping may leave round red circles on the affected area that may last a few days. Most patients report increased mobility and pain relief after having experiencing Cupping in conjunction with Acupuncture.

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