Acupuncture in Hazlet

Acupuncture in Hazlet, NJ

Acupuncture is among one of the oldest healing practices in the world. This ancient branch of Chinese Medicine dates back to over 3,000 years ago. Acupuncture is commonly used for treating many conditions, providing pain relief and correcting the imbalances of energy throughout the human body.

From its inception the art of acupuncture has been used to prevent, diagnosis, and treat disease, as well as improve overall general health. The techniques are based on the theory of meridians, or pathways leading to specific acupoints where energy flows within the body. The body maintains a healthy state by having an ample supply of energy flowing through the body via the meridian system. Because illness is thought to be the consequence of an imbalance or blockage of the meridians, stimulation of acupoints restores the body’s natural flow of energy so the body can repair itself.

At Airport Plaza Spine & Wellness we provide top-notch acupuncture treatment and pain management services in. We offer a variety of treatments, which provide relief for sciatica pain relief, migraine relief, arthritis, and many other conditions. Our acupuncture treatment is known to also help with:

• Sports Injuries
• Back pain
• Arthritis
• Knee pain
• Carpal tunnel
• Migraines
• Radiculopathy
• Anxiety
• Managing weight loss


Acupuncture treatment for patients provides a wide range of benefits. Including but not limited to relief from stress and anxiety, reduces heartburn and indigestion, treats
migraines, weight loss, carpal tunnel, knee pain, foot pain, headaches, neck pain and low back pain. It also provides relief from chronic pain, improves vision, aids in balancing hormones, treats insomnia, remedies fertility issues and erectile dysfunction, and assists in managing weight.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?
The answer is no. Patients describe momentarily feeling a slight tingling sensation while getting treated, however aside from this, patients do not feel anything.

How to start?
Acupuncture therapy will begin with a consultation. On this consultation our acupuncturist will inquire about your medical history and perform an examination. At the conclusion of the examination you will be given a treatment plan to address your conditions and/or ailments. During the treatment process, patients will have the option to remain seated or lay on a treatment table, as your acupuncturist will gently begin treatment by placing the acupuncture points along your body where treatment is needed.

Acupuncture aiding in natural healing and physical & emotional well being.
For many patients acupuncture provides a mechanism for one to be treated for his or her illnesses while alleviating stress and worries. Sleeping difficulties, irritability, and
restlessness can be treated with our acupuncture program. Acupuncture may also provide treatment for fertility problems. Numerous women have difficulties conceiving due to stress and anxiety, and treating stress and anxiety via acupuncture can help make the conception process easier.

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